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Patient Reviews of Dr. Daniel J. Oehler, DMD – Las Vegas, NV

★★★★★ I was Dr. Elkins’ patient for 25 years, and when he retired, I was delighted that Doc put me in the hands of someone even better than he was (don’t tell him I said that)!!! Beyond his great staff and comfortable office, Dr. Oehler’s care is second to none. He is a doctor that you can trust with your wallet, your kids and even your BFF.

About Hygienist: Christine Kotek has been my hygenist for many, many years. I look forward to my visits with her every six months. I cannot say enough about her kind and gentle manner.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 6.

posted: 2012-08-29 8:42 AM

★★★★★ Great scheduling and customer service. Very friendly staff. Dr. Oehler was great. I was in town for a few months and they worked around my schedule to get me in. I would definitely return! I am very pleased with my visit and contact with everyone in the office.

About Hygienist: Very thorough and friendly. Thanks! Good experience.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 1 month.

posted: 04/12/2012 9:20 AM

★★★★★ Dr. Oehler and staff (Grace, Christine, Pam) all A-1, professional, friendly. my procedures included fillings, crowns, tooth extraction. I highly recommend him to others.

About Hygienist: Christine is my hygienist and she is excellent

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 5 yrs.

posted: 02/24/2012 3:42 PM

★★★★★ 3 crowns and 2 fillings. very happy with results. very professional. best office staff ever. highly recommended.

About Hygienist: Tam is most excellent hygienist.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 1 year.

posted: 2012-01-12 10:36 AM

★★★★★ Love the big guy and his staff. Would not see anyone else. He has done may procedures over the last three or more years all and everything has been great. I have and will recommend them to anyone I hear of looking for a great dentist.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 3 years.

posted: 2012-01-03 5:37 PM

★★★★★ I was happy to meet Dr. Oehler after Dr. Elkins retired. I’ve been going to this office since 1980 and was happy that the change-over was so painless. Dr. Oehler is great and so is his staff.

posted: 2012-01-03 3:43 PM

★★★★★ The entire staff in the office is and has been great! I have been going for many years and the staff has remained the same. My dental hygienist is the best!

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: several years.

posted: 2011-12-22 10:53 AM

★★★★★ Dr. Oehler took over from Dr. Elkins. Very concerned about the “new guy”. He was able to calm my uneasiness. I love the office staff and my hygienist, Tamsyn. Pamela and I are still good buddies after all these years. I accidently bit Grace during my crown procedures. She immediately forgave me. She is the best. Great staff. I will continue to go to Dr. Oehler’s office for the next 20 years….he is very kind, gentle and personable.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 4 years.

posted: 2011-11-08 3:31 PM

★★★★★ Dr. Oehler and his staff are great!  My husband had a very bad abscess and they took great care of him on a day they were usualy closed. I had not been to the dentist in 4+ years and the cleaning was as painless as it could be. My teeth look great now, too. Highly recommend them, they will take great care of you and your teeth.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 4 months.

posted: 2011-11-05 10:59 PM

★★★★★ Dr Oehler took over the practice of Dr. Elkins. I was a little unsure of what would happen, but he put me completely at ease. He did my very first tooth extraction, and I hardly felt anything. I am the biggest baby when it comes to dentistry, but he has always been patient and gentle with me. He explains everything that he is going to do, and any possible complications that could occur. His dental assistant, Grace is very good, and always knows what to do, and when. His office staff is very helpful, friendly, and willing to work with you regarding payment and insurances, and any authorizations that need to be gotten. I am very satisfied with the office as a whole, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 3 years.

posted: 2011-09-07 5:03 PM

★★★★★ Having lots of fillings done and he’s great. He didn’t belittle me for the condition my teeth were in, but set forth a plan to get them into tip top shape. Super nice and treated me like a person, not a dollar sign. Highly recommended.

posted: 2011-08-23 5:19 PM

★★★★★ Very good dentist. Staff are awesome! Dr. Oehler took over the practive from Doc Elkins who was my dentist for 20 years. At first I worried about the change but my concerns were unfounded. Many of Doc’s staff stayed on with Dr. Oehler and that says a lot.

About Hygienist: My hygienist is very good, very detailed and professional.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 5 years.

posted: 2011-08-12 3:04 PM

★★★★★ I have received crowns and fillings. I am happy with the work and especially happy with the pre-treatment explanations and options.

About Hygienist: Both hygienists are excellent and not afraid to tell a patient how to improve their at home techniques.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 3 years.

posted: 2011-03-13 9:22 PM

★★★★★ Old building, interior needs updating desperately but the staff delivers great customer service. I haven’t needed any treatment from the dentist but he is very friendly and is always on time when I’ve seen him for exams.

About Hygienist: Excellent hygienist, very gentle AND thorough with my cleanings. Best care I’ve received in a long time. I was unhappy with my previous hygienist and came to this office after a friend recommended her hygienist to me. Tamson is her name. She’s great.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 2 years.

posted: 2011-01-17 2:53 PM

★★★★★ I have been a patient of the Flamingo Family Dentistry for years and years-and a very happy patient the entire time. When Dr. Oehler became a part of this office I have been nothing less than 100% pleased. He has done fillings and root canals and crowns on me. The ENTIRE off staff that I deal with on a consistant basis (Pamela, Gracie, Tamsyn and Dr. Oehler) are very near and dear to me, and have always treated me as I matter and am not just another “paying customer/patient”. They are very very professional, very kind, gentle, and have the warmest of personalities. I would not change my dentist/office for any reason. They are worth my continued loyalty to their practice. I am the biggest “baby” when it comes to getting anything done to my mouth – however, they make it all ok! They are wonderful and I would recommend Dr. Oehler and his staff to anyone that needs to see a dentist. You will NOT be disappointed. 5 star rating from me!

About Hygienist: Tamsyn my hygienist is extremely thorough and is very gentle. I have been a patient of Tamsyn’s for approximately a year now, as I need to go in for cleanings every 4 months. I would not ask for anyone else to do my cleanings. She is wonderful, and so amazingly friendly!

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 2 years?.

posted: 2010-11-30 10:11 PM

★★★★★ Have had 2 fillings and a crown. Preparing for 2 more crowns. Love this dentist and his staff. Best hygienist I have had in a very long time. Very happy place even though I am a real coward I feel at ease. I highly recommend.

posted: 2010-09-17 11:47 AM

★★★★★ My daughter was driving from Utah to Las Vegas with a few friends when her front tooth (crown) came off. She only gets one vacation in a year and normally dislikes dentists. I called them and made her an appointment in the morning. The fee was very reasonable. I took care of it over the phone. My daughter called me back and was really happy with the work. She told me if Dr Oehler was located in Ogden, UT or close, she would be using him for her dentist. She is in her mid 30’s and has avoided dentists whenever possible. It was surprising she like the dentist and the staff.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: months.

posted: 2010-09-11 11:37 PM

★★★★★ I would highly recommend Dr. Oehler. In addition to being very professional and effective, he has great chair-side manners and a wonderful staff. They do everything in their power to ease the anxiety of going to the dentist. They truly care about their patients. They are also considerate about your time unlike so many others in the medical profession who make you wait for hours even when you have an appointment.

About Hygienist: Both hygienists are also great!

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 3 years.

posted: 2010-09-10 12:04 PM

★★★★★ I had a sealant replaced, an old filling smoothed and a new composite filling. I was very nervous as I always am but Dr. Oehler and Grace were very nice and gentle. My appointment was quick and painless. I would highly recommend this office to others.

About Hygienist: Christine is my dental hygienist and she is extremely gentle and thorough.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 1.5 years.

posted: 2010-09-07 3:45 PM

★★★★★ Dr. Oehler was great at putting my fears to rest. He explained procedures in ways easily understood. He asked me questions and encouraged my input as well as asking if I had any questions. He has a gentle hand and is quick to respond to a patients cues. I experienced no pressure, no pain and was totally at ease immediately upon entering his office.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: New Patient.

posted: 2010-07-13 4:02 PM

★★★★★ The treatment that I received from from Dr. Oehler was awesome. I had a couple of crown work done. Also a root canal and it was pain free. His staff is wonderful & always a pleasure to go to his office. Very little wait time. If you have a emergency, you get right in, no questions ask. I would always recommend him as a family dentist.

About Hygienist: Awesome is the word for Dr. Oehler’s hygienist.

Treatment Length with Dr. Oehler: 10 years.

posted: 2010-05-28 4:26 PM

★★★★★ Excellent dentist. My family has been seeing him for quite a few years and he is very good at what he does. Our daughter is mentally challenged and he is great with her and we appreciate that.

posted: 2007-08-09 4:21 PM